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Dedicated To Independent Filmmakers


INDIEROAD.NET is dedicated to exhibiting and distributing the films of today's independent filmmakers enabling them to become the filmmaker standard of tomorrow.


The crew consists of entertainment and business professionals dedicated to the exhibition, distribution, and enhancement of independent films.

Vince Di Pierro is our Creative Advisor. He is a 24 year Warner Bros. veteran, and film festival judge for various Film Fest's. He has vast experience working with independant filmmakers. Vince is a voting member of the Motion Picture Academy.

Joe Cirillo is our Director of Marketing. He is an experienced entrepreneur and co-founder of CRC, an international direct marketing group. Joe provides expertise in marketing and developing the online distribution and movie going experience.

George Eichen is our General Counsel. He is a former entertainment attorney for Warner Bros. Pictures and General Counsel for MTV. He shares a passion for the art of independent filmmaking.

Barbara Javitz is our Operational Advisor to INDIEROAD.NET. She has over 30 years of distribution experience in world wide theatrical, television and digital platforms. Barbara specializes in independent films and working with filmmakers to satisfy delivery materials for distribution partners.

Nina Welch is our Screening and programming guru. She was Arizona International Film Festival publicist, and pre-screener for Sundance, Arizona International Film Festival and American Cinematheques Alternative Screen Forum.

Darin Harris is our Technologist. He is a fellow entrepreneur and a 17 year veteran of the Information Technology world and currently is the CIO of a prominent Hollywood Post facility. Darin brings a background of building business and the technologies that support them to the IndieRoad team utilizing world class infrastructure and design.

Recent Press Coverage

INDIEROAD.NET is getting lots of coverage in the press and in on-line blogs. Here are some links to recent articles and blurbs:

Daily Variety - 'The Circuit', column by Michael Jones, Monday, September 22, 2008 - "Slamdance to stream its preems"

UCLA Daily Bruin - Monday September 8, 2008 News - "Indie films go online to put off costs"

NPR.com - National Public Radio artcile by Trey Graham - "Web Offers A Few Bright Spots For Indie Auteurs"

Green Screen Blog - Scott McCollum on September 22nd, 2008 - "An Easy Way for Film Fests to Go Green"

Popsucker.net 'Hot Stuff' blog - "Indieroad.net is iTunes For Indie Films"

NJ.com - 'The Warren Reporter' blog - "Independent filmmaker using the 'net to thrill"

Kung Fu Cinema - 'Mark Pollard' blog - "Indieroad.net web launch opens new distribution option for filmmakers"

P3 Update Magazine - Production News Section - "Indieroad.net Offers Profit Sharing"

Bad Lit - The Journal of Underground Film and Comix - "A Ride Down IndieRoad"

Inside Film - For Australian Content Creators - "New website launched for indie filmmakers"

Fangoria Magazine - August 26, 2008 News - "New indie distrib puts on THE DOG, seeks films"






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