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Question: What is INDIEROAD.NET?
     INDIEROAD.NET is an Internet based online film distribution network, exclusively for independent filmmakers. You can stream in real time, or download for delayed viewing, multiple genres of cutting edge short films, full length feature films, documentary films, animated films, and original film soundtrack music. Content is selected from the best filmmakers around the world at the forefront of independent cinema.

Question: How do I buy films at INDIEROAD.NET?
     To purchase films for viewing, you must first register and set up your account using a valid credit card, a reliable email address and a chosen user ID & password. The site employs a 'shopping cart' mechanism that allows you to browse and shop films in the same manner that you would at any other e-commerce web site. Simply click on the 'purchase' button that appears alongside the film title in the films section of the site. You can view the status of your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the link that appears at the top right of the page titled 'cart'. You will receive confirmation of any orders that you place.

Question: Is the personal information and credit card number that I provide for my registration kept secure and confidential?
     Yes, absolutely. Your privacy and the security of your personal information is very important to INDIEROAD.NET. All registration data, credit card numbers and passwords are transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted mode using secure sockets layer (SSL) technology. SSL is a cryptographic protocol that provides secure communications on the Internet. This protocol allows applications to communicate across a network in a way designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery. INDIEROAD.NET will never share your personal information with other organizations or individuals. There is a link to the INDIEROAD.NET privacy policy at the bottom of each page on the site.

Question: How do I play back the FLV encoded movie files that I purchase on INDIEROAD.NET?
     If you choose to stream the films you purchase at INDIEROAD.NET, then the Flash Video player is automatically brought up, since it is embedded in the web page. However, you will need to make sure that your computer has the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed in your web browser. This software is available for free from the Adobe web site at: http://www.adobe.com. If you choose to download the films you purchase, then you will need a media player installed on your local computer that supports playback of Flash Video files (.FLV files). There are many FLV players available - we would suggest the Adobe Media Player: http://www.adobe.com/products/mediaplayer/. Or you can download the free ffdshow video codec and use the Windows Media Player Classic: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Media_Player_Classic.htm. Other third-party programs such as MPlayer, VLC media player, Quicktime, or any player which uses DirectShow filters (such as Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, and Windows Media Center) when the ffdshow filter is installed can play back the .FLV encoded files.

Question: How long does it normally take to download a film?
     It really depends on the speed of your Internet connection, and the length of the film your are downloading. The longer films are large size files. Shorter films are smaller files. Larger files will take more time to download. A 1 hour film, which could be as big as 800 Megabytes in size, could take as long as 7 hours to download with a DSL connection.

Question: I noticed that you give the option to either stream or download the films for playback and viewing. What are the advantages of one method over the other? And which method is best for me to use?
     If you have a very good high speed network connection to the Internet (broadband using DSL or cable modem) then streaming the films from your browser to your computer should provide adequate playback quality. If you have WiFi or dial-up connectivity to the Internet, then the playback of the digital films from INDIEROAD.NET via the streaming mechanism may not provide you with acceptable quality. You may experience 'drop outs' in picture and/or sound and thus, you may not have a pleasant or acceptable viewing experience. For the slower connections, download of the video files to your computer to facilitate local playback would be a more preferable method, and provide an enjoyable viewing experience with smoother playback of the audio and picture. INDIEROAD.NET uses higher quality bit rates for encoding the films on the site than other Internet based film viewing sites use. All films are encoded using a minimum of 800 kilobits per second and 720 lines of resolution. These higher bit rates and pixel resolutions enable a better viewing experience and allow the subscriber to see the films with the same level of detail and clarity that the filmmakers intended them to be viewed in.

Question: What are the running times for the film categories on INDIEROAD.NET?
     Short films or 'Shorts' are 30 minutes and under in duration, Non-Features are 31-60 minutes in duration, and Full-length Features are over 1 hour in duration.

Question: Can I watch the films I purchase on INDIEROAD.NET on my handheld device or cell phone?
     If your cell phone or hand-held device supports a Flash Player or Flash plug-in, then you should be able to play back the films that you purchase on INDIEROAD.NET on those devices.

Question: Is your web site Mac compatible?
     Yes, the site uses industry standard HTML pages and Adobe Flash technology which is compatible with all computer platforms.

Question: I use America On-Line (AOL), will the INDIEROAD.NET service work for me?
     Yes, INDIEROAD.NET is completely AOL-friendly!

Question: What is the 'Discover Shorts' button that appears on each page when I am logged into the web site?
     'Discover Shorts' is a compilation of short film subjects that are viewable for free all day long each Saturday. The program changes each week. This is a free program for registered users on INDIEROAD.NET. If you are logged into the web site, the button to take you to the 'Discover Shorts' page will appear next to the welcome message. The program of films shown changes each week.

Question: I am a filmmaker, what are the benefits to me and how do I get my film on INDIEROAD.NET?
     As an independent filmmaker, INDIEROAD.NET offers you the ability to gain exposure and earn revenue for your work. The business model in place is designed to provide revenue sharing with the filmmakers and film owners. If you have a film or short that has already shown on the Independent Film festival circuit and is now collecting dust on a shelf, putting that film on INDIEROAD.NET presents an opportunity to you as a filmmaker to enjoy the fruits of your labors. INDIEROAD.NET offers the independent filmmaker a worldwide audience and distribution network via the Internet. Filmmakers who have product seeking an audience should click here and fill out the online Film Submission form. After your form is submitted, you will also be asked to submit copies of your film for review by the INDIEROAD.NET film screening team. If accepted, an INDIEROAD.NET representative will contact you to further discuss your work, and start the contract process.

Question: Does it cost anything to submit a film to INDIEROAD.NET?
     The only cost would be the price of postage to send your product to us. INDIEROAD.NET does not charge filmmakers any submission fees to exhibit their films.

Question: Can anyone submit a film and is there a guarantee that my film will be shown?
     INDIEROAD.NET is a public forum, so there is no discrimination against who can submit films. There is a film review process, and there are some basic guidelines for the submissions to meet. INDIEROAD.NET's goal is to be the connection to the best independent films. Some basic guidelines:
We will not accept home movies
Films should have artistic value and merit
We will not accept films that are patently obscene
We will not accept films that we know infringe on others' copyrights - the film submitter must have all the rights and clearances to (or written permission for) all elements in the film, the music on the film sound track or for any stock footage or film segments taken from other works

Question: As a filmmaker, I am concerned about protecting my intellectual property. What measures does INDIEROAD.NET have in place to combat piracy?
     During the film transcoding process used for converting a filmmaker's submitted DVD material to the Adobe Flash FLV digital format for streaming over the Internet, INDIEROAD.NET places a unique intro at the beginning of each film. This intro renders the property to be unique and traceable, should it wind up in the hands of an unauthorized individual. Additionally, during the transcoding process a digital watermark is also inserted into the lower right hand corner of each and every frame of a film, once again making it a unique and identifiable property.

Question: I could not find my question here on the FAQ page, how can I get an answer to my question?
     Please submit your question via our "Contact Us" link and page.





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