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Featured This Month In Filmmaker Showcase:

Tim Clark

Writer/Producer Tim ClarkEver since Tim Clark watched Sam Raimi's groundbreaking shocker "The Evil Dead" at a very young age, he has been fascinated with the macabre. That film, says Clark, is the sole reason why he decided to become a journalist, screenwriter and ultimately, an independent filmmaker.

"To this very day, 'The Evil Dead' still impresses me with its odd mix of shocks, scares and humor and that's why it has inspired me to push the boundaries in my storytelling," said Clark. "There's a little bit of that go-for-broke 'Evil Dead' spirit in everything that I create and it definitely shines through in 'Hair of the Dog'."

Clark wrote the screenplay for "Hair of the Dog" as one segment within a horror anthology TV pilot. The pilot script was well-received (and optioned at one point) but like so many other screenplays it failed to find a home. Out of frustration from that experience, Clark decided to produce and self-finance his now critically acclaimed 45 minute thriller "Hair of the Dog"

"The timing couldn't have been worse either - I was unemployed with a newborn when I embarked on my journey to make 'Hair of the Dog' a reality," said Clark. "Thankfully, my wife and entire family was supportive in the production. They too helped out where they could with transportation, food and on the set."

In typical DIY fashion, Clark called in a lot of favors to make 'Hair of the Dog' leap from the printed page into a living, breathing film. He pitched the idea to his director friend, Terry Wickham, who was immediately sold after reading the script. Wickham then convinced cinematographer Sean McGinn to join the team. Through their collective efforts and contacts, they were able to pool together an incredible team of actors, actresses, sound designers and make up effects personnel. Associate Producer Bill Kilbride, one of Clark's fraternity brothers, was also instrumental in securing key locations in the picturesque town of Colts Neck, NJ.

Hair of the Dog"Beyond question, 'Hair of the Dog' was a labor of love for all involved," said Clark. "There were a lot of late nights, a lot of long weekends and plenty of things that didn't turn out as initially anticipated. But everything happens for a reason and I couldn't be more thrilled with how the final product turned out. The experience has made me much more appreciative of other films and creative works."

Due to the 45 minute running time of "Hair of the Dog", Clark said securing proper distribution has been a challenge - even with his duly impressive, 70-minute "The Making of Hair of the Dog" documentary packaged with it. But his distribution woes soon ended when he discovered INDIEROAD.

"I can't think of a better home for an uncompromising film like 'Hair of the Dog' than INDIEROAD. My experience with the INDIEROAD team has been nothing short of fantastic. They truly are committed to providing a voice to the voiceless with a viable platform to showcase your work and connect with other filmmakers. I can't wait to see what opportunities arise from this partnership with them. The sky is the limit."

Still an active spec screenwriter, Clark currently works in the global communications department at a large software company and has also held editorial positions at a multitude of different consumer and business publications like Fangoria and Consumer Goods Technology. He has also contributed numerous articles to publications like MAXIM, Variety, MultiChannel News, IGN and DVD Review. His screenplays have been optioned by producers Norman ("Lean on Me") Twain, Richard ("The Stand") Rubenstein and Fred ("Law & Order", "Pollock") Berner.

You can contact Tim Clark by e-mailing him at:





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