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Title: Onami: The Great Wave
Description: A dazzeling film version of this story adapted from the Zen Koan, Onami: The Great Wave tells the tale of a young talented wrestler with one colossal problem. No matter how hard Onami tries, he can't win a single match. That is until one day he learns of a wise master named Hakuju, who is said to have the ability to help anyone achieve their goals. Filled with the hope that Master Hakuju can end the losing streak, Onami and his pet monkey, Carl, set out on an unforgettable adventure: learning in the end that within each of us lies the makings of a great champion. This film was created using the timeless art of stop motion animation.
Running Time: 13 minutes
Copyright Year: 2007
Production Company: 716 Productions and Joono Films
Producer: Gerald Eichner and Allan Holzman
Director: Nathan Sterner
Language: English
Country: USA
Writer: Nathan Sterner and Shelly Dutchak
Price: $0.79
  Original Score - Susan Justin
Narration - Nathan Sterner
Production and Character Design - Shelly Dutchak
Music and Sound Mixing - Bill Jackson
Editing and Sound Design - Nathan Sterner and John Petaja
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