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Title: Conversation Buddy
Description: Imagine a phone which does all of your talking for you!! Telemarketer's...annoying girlfriends? You never have to speak with them again! Why?? Buddy will do it for you!!

Dave Nunez has been writing screenplays since he was fourteen years old, and he loves films! He started his Indie film production company in 2006 called Vision Factory Pictures. Dave also created Static Tube Productions for his internet and television projects. Their main genres are comedy and drama.
Running Time: 5 minutes
Copyright Year: 2007
Production Company: Static tube Productions
Producer: Dave Nunez
Director: Dave Nunez
Language: English
Country: USA
Writer: Dave Nunez & Carlos Elizalde
Price: $0.79
  Carlos Elizalde - Jim
Sibu Harikumar - Skip
Morgan Scott Green - The Singing Jingle Man
Delaney Canale - The Girlfriend
Dave Nunez - Mr. Voiceover
Adrienne Domasin - Director of Photography
Steven Marshall - Editor
Reviewer Date Posted Rating Review
andieadler 6/1/2008 1:43:39 PM ""
hshapi 6/3/2008 2:21:30 PM "I need one of these! Very clever."
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