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Title: An Imagical Journey
Description: Laura, recently widowed, and her new friend, Eileen, take a hike in the woods and do Peyote. Eileen midwifes Laura into opening up and beginning to find her true self and power.

Annina Lavee writes, makes films and teaches screenwriting at the University of Arizona. Her work has been published in the art and literary magazine Sandscript, where she was awarded second prize for poetry. Annina Lavee is originally from New York City were she worked in film production for over twenty-six years including a three year staff position as Producer of the short film/video unit at Saturday Night Live. After she auditioned pigs and rats at Saturday Night Live she decided it was time to start writing.
Running Time: 16 minutes
Copyright Year: 1992
Production Company: Kokopelli Productions
Producer: Annina Lavee
Director: Annina Lavee
Language: English
Country: USA
Writer: Annina Lavee
Awards: Women Director's Film Festival - Official Selection
Madrid Bangladesh Film Festival - Official selection
Price: $0.79
  Maureen Silliman, Amanda Gronich
Reviewer Date Posted Rating Review
hshapi 6/3/2008 2:22:02 PM "Not sure where exactly this journey is going."
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