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Title: Preaching to the Perverted
Description: A young computer whiz kid, Peter (Christien Anholt), is dispatched by moral crusaders in Parliament to infiltrate and gather evidence for a private prosecution against fetish clubs operating all over Britain, where many of the saucier activities are illegal. Peter has to gather evidence of physical "assaults" in order for the Minister to prosecute and shut the scene down. But Peter gets unwittingly drawn into it and falls for the Mistress Tanya Cheex (Guinevere Turner) a sex goddess from New York and leader of the fetish club scene on both sides of the Atlantic. He wants her to calm down, become "normal", and avoid going to jail. She wants to pervert him. The question is, who will win? There follows a moral dilemma for Peter of whether to give evidence in court against the woman who both attracts and repels him. He wants desperately to have a conventional relationship, which means making love.... She loves him and is happy to play lots of games in bed but will never allow a mere man the pleasure of intercourse with her. Peter's journey as an innocent abroad is presented in an amusing, upbeat and as the adventure turns more bizarre, stylized way. Although some of the events portrayed in these clubs really do happen, this film is far removed from the traditional realism of British cinema.
Running Time: 97 minutes
Copyright Year: 1997
Production Company: Cyclops Vision and PTTP Films
Producer: Keith Hayley, Daniel Unger, and Stuart Urban
Director: Stuart Urban
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Writer: Stuart Urban
Awards: 1997 Montreal World Film Festival - Official Selection, 1997 Hamptons Internatonal Film Festival - Official Selection, 2002 Cinekink Festival - Audience Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature Film 1999 Festival Du Jeune Comedien Beziers, France - Best Actress
1999 Mediawave Festival, Gyor, Hungary - Official Selection
1999 Festival of New Cinema, Split, Croatia - Official Selection
1998 Mardi Gras in Sydney - Official Selection
1997 Sao Paulo in Brazil - Official Selection
Price: $2.00
  Guinevere Turner - Tanya Cheex
Christien Anholt - Peter Emery
Tom Bell - Henry Harding MP
Charlotte Weston - Mrs. Maneater
Julie Graham - Eugenie
Georgina Hale - Miss Wilderspin
Julian Wadham - M'Learned Friend
Ricky Tomlinson - Fibbin' Gibbins
Roger Lloyd-Pack - Mr. Cutts Watson
Sue Johnston - Esmeralda
Don Henderson - Commander Cope
Imogen Bain - Mrs. Cutts Watson
Edward Jewesbury - Judge Yell
Angela Easterling - Dog Owner
Ian Embleton - Night Porter
Keith Allen - Milkman
Enzo - Lunk
Sarah George - Slave Louise
Paul Neesham - Performance Artist In Cage
Andy Coath - Mr. Happy
Pete Mastin - Club MC
Shend - Bouncer
Phil Atkinson - Village Bobby
Thomas Connor - Milk Boy
Emma Lewis - Female Hack
Steven Osborne - Guard
Alex Pooley - Child With Puppy
Jelena Budimir - Feminist PM
Miss Kimberley - Auctioneer
Keeley Flanders - Tanya As A Child
Coral Beed - Tanya's Priestess
Alison Cocks - Tanya's Priestess
Maria Edwards - Tanya's Priestess
Clare Ellen Fray - Tanya's Priestess
Annick Frezier - Tanya's Priestess
Lucy O'Neil-Taylor - Tanya's Priestess / Angle Grinder
Susi Woodruffe - Fetish Nun
Tutu - Performer With Penis
Bingo - Angle Grinder
Selina Charlier - Dance Double
Trixie Demar - Chaos Clown
Lila Lifely - Trapeze Artist
Melanie Cooley - Fetish Girl
Jennie Ibes - Fetish Girl
Pigalle - Fetish Girl
Emma Pyne - Fetish Girl
Nina Rai - Fetish Girl
Betty Ronson - Fetish Girl
Leila St. John - Fetish Girl
Simone St. John - Fetish Girl
Yella - Fetish Girl
Levi - Slaves
Charles Moreau - Slaves
Joss Munro - Slaves
Richard Newbould - Slaves
Jed Phoenix - Slaves
Gordon Rainsford - Slaves
Robert Roberts - Slaves
Sheldon Lee - Thrashed Man
Wayne Aveline - Transvestite
Peter Pleased - Transvestite
Dick Hardy - Hooded Man
John Farnham - Bouncer / Roadie
Patrick Lilley - Gay Browser
Stuart Who Cumski - Gay Browser
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