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Title: Dance By Design
Description: Angela, an architecture student, yearns to be a professional dancer, but a lifetime of intellectual and physical training has not taught her how to have faith in her passion. Will Angela follow her dreams or be seduced by the relative security and status of a more traditional career?
Running Time: 60 minutes
Copyright Year: 2001
Production Company: PhD Productions
Producer: Valerie Weiss, Lisa Frenchik and Wendy Chan Gardner
Director: Valerie Weiss
Language: English
Country: USA
Awards: 2003 Boston International Festival of Women's Cinema - Official Selection
Price: $0.99
  Danielle King - Angela
Joan Hantman - Gigi
Jim Butterfield - Richard Rogers
Neal Young - Andre
Christopher Eaton - Justin
Kurt Wehmann - Todd
Richard Lindley - Christopher Hall
Paul Dimilla - Judge at Critique
Jennifer Subrin - Kimberly
Karolin Kokaz
Fred Robbins - Mr. Jeffrey
Liz Robbins - Mrs. Jeffrey
Robert A. Johnson - Drag Show MC
Chris Konevil - Luscious
Gail Gilmore - Dean and Chairman
Martin Kalscheuer - Student at Crit
Tiffany Rasovic - Judge #1
Katrin Daria - Judge #2
Valerie Weiss - Dancer
Rob Marin - Gigi's Boyfriend
Kevin Paul - Bartender
Amanda Teo - Dancer
Ruth Phelps - Girl In Club
Jeff Ranson - Inspector 1
John Tenn - Inspector 2
Paul McGillocuddy - Inspector 3
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