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Title: Tree
Description: After a recent tragedy, Tom Brueggeman and his family move to the old farm where they discover a large tree that gives them cryptic visions of their future. While his wife Ellie, and daughter Katie seem to welcome the mysterious phenomenon, Tom struggles with what appears to be a vision of his own demise.
Running Time: 46 minutes
Copyright Year: 2007
Production Company: DropShadow Productions
Producer: Bill Porps and Tom Porps
Director: Michael R. Steinbeck
Language: English
Country: USA
Writer: Bill Elverman
Awards: 2008 Bare Bones Independent Film & Music Festival - nominated for Best Picture in the mini-feature category
2008 Battle Creek Film Festival - Official Selection
2008 Flyway Film Festival - Official Selection
2008 East Lansing Film Festival - Official Selection
2008 Sacramento International Film Festival - Official Selection
2007 Chicago Indie Fest - Official Selection
2007 Planet Ant Film Festival - Official Selection
2007 Shockerfest International Film Fest - Honorable Mention Best Horror Short and Production Pro Budgeting Award
2007 Eerie Horror Festival - Official Selection
2007 IndieFest USA festival - Official Selection
2007 Cannes Film Festival - Short Film Corner
2007 "It Came From Lake Michigan" Film Festival - Official Selection
2007 Land Locked Film Festival - Official Selection
Price: $1.00
  Jeff Garretson - John Ellison
Avery Laine - Katie Brueggeman
Kate Berry - Ellie Brueggeman
Bill Elverman - Tom Brueggeman
Susan Calnin - Karen Hayes
Bill Porps - Richard Krisky
Matt Staudemeyer - Jed
Matt Taylor - Don Simmons / Hank Crockett (voice)
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