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Title: Grain
Description: Robert, a photography student, spots something in the woods. Something that will lead him on a path of insanity and paranoia to discover the truth.
Running Time: 110 minutes
Copyright Year: 2006
Production Company: Shadowmind Productions
Producer: Joseph Ort and Alen Baltayan
Director: Joseph Ort
Language: English
Country: USA
Writer: Joseph Ort
Price: $2.00
  Kimberley Peterson - Autumn
Brian Houston - Johnny
Jim Chlopecki - Killer
Ellis Moore - Professor Porter
Slava Roman - Robert
Chris Mitchell - Tall Man
Mark Espinosa - Car Salesman
Freddy Morales - Car Salesman
Christopher Nicely - Student
Richard Casillas - Student
Tigran Cholakyan - Student
Vartan Cholakyan - Man in Car
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