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Title: Pistol Whipped
Description: A slice of life about former friends, one with an everlasting grudge and the other with a briefcase full of cash.
Running Time: 14 minutes
Copyright Year: 2008
Production Company: UPrise Films
Producer: Ty Oliver
Director: Jesse Fleece
Language: English
Country: USA
Writer: Jesse T. Gullion , Chris Cupak
Price: $0.79
  Jesse Tyler Gullion - Tommy
Ty Oliver - Evan
Chris Cupak - Mike
Julian Higgins - Kyle
Billy Menjivar - Keno

Lead Producer - Jesse T. Gullion
Producer Unit - Ty Oliver, Billy Menjivar, Chris Cupak, Jesse Fleece

Director of Photography - Larkin Seiple
Unit Production Manager - Billy Menjivar
Key Grip - Andrew J. Whittaker
Boom Operator - Daniel Shaffer
Hair and Makeup - Rhonda Dobbins
Special FX Makeup - Alex Noble
On Set Photography - Angela Cartwright, Mateo

Editor - Jesse T. Gullion
Original Score - Chris Cupak
Color Correction - Larkin Seiple
Sound and Music Mixing - Jesse T. Gullion
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andieadler 6/8/2008 8:50:15 PM ""
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