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Title: 11:11
Description: A Hollywood love story told backwards. Anna and Otto, the narcissistic lovers, glide around a gravity free universe erasing their collective past with every step they take. 11:11 is designed, written and directed to play backwards - literally - taking betrayal and memento to their logical cinematic conclusions.

By filming backwards in 35mm Panavision, 11:11 flips the script on Anna and Otto's Hollywood tale of self-serving love. The movie's soundtrack makes backward English sound like a foreign language. It is a uniquely cinematic experience, a visual metaphor for the human capacity for forgetting and an innovative right brain treat for the film viewer. For more information on this film visit the website at http://www.backwardsmovie.com.
Running Time: 19 minutes
Copyright Year: 2005
Production Company:
Producer: Esther Peres, Jeff Chayette and Harve Cook
Director: Esther Peres
Language: English with subtitles
Country: USA
Writer: Esther Peres
Awards: 2006 Boston International Film Festival - Official Selection,2006 Indie Soul - Jury Award for Best Cinematography
Price: $0.80
  Douglas Bennett - Mac Daddy Otto
Mataji Booker - Anna Omomo
Melayn Witt - Pip Elle
James Moses Black - Bob Senes
Nicole Barré - Otto Entourage Right
Fanshen Cox - Otto Entourage Left
Marcel Doneà Henderson - Stage Otto
Alison Nesemeier - Stage Anna
Christopher Dotson - Mark Kram
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