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Go independent Netflix and Blockbuster movie lovers and discover the unknown

Watch independent films not available in theaters on DVD or VOD

INDIEROAD partnered with the University of Miami School of Communication to stream or download action packed thrillers, drama, romance, comedy, musicals, documentaries, animation and music videos to the world. Be the first to experience these cutting edge films and extraordinarily talented filmmakers.

Watch tomorrows box office hits of adventure, drama and outrageous comedy

• Experience incredible original soundtrack indie tunes, hear what you have never heard echoing the great artists of tomorrow.
• Join this fun movie going crowd and talk about movies
• Win cash awards voting on the best film and director
• Learn about The School of Communication, the first film school to collaborate and create a marketing platform for undergraduate and graduate filmmakers to distribute films and launch careers

Fall 2009

Contact us for a special introductory offer

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